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A HS football documentary you need to see: "We Are One"

Will Barker is a senior at Marist Catholic High School in Eugene, Ore. Prior to the Spartans' 2014 season, head coach Frank Geske challenged Barker to create a documentary following Marist's season. What he created was an superbly shot and edited film that tells the story not only of Marist's season, but hopefully, of every high school football team in America: a team pulling together for a common cause.

"Everybody's pretty selfless around here. They definitely didn't invent service, and we didn't write the definition of it but we definitely live it out," said Geske.

The title of the film mirrors the motto for the Marist football season: We Are One.

"At the end of our semifinal game Coach Geske looked at all of us and said we were all going to be all right. People were already saying, 'Man, I miss football," said graduating senior Justin Enseki-Frank. "I think we all cherished the moments we made here."