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Want your players to work harder? Hud suggests leading by example


Lousiana-Lafayette's Mark Hudspeth is on the short list of head coaches that you'd undoubtedly want on your side in a bar fight, or bench pressing competition.

As if you needed any further proof other than just watching him in action on the sidelines, take a look at this video from almost a year ago. Hud can throw around some serious weight. In a recent interview with Bruce Feldman, Hud said he's benching 380 right now, and hopes to hit the 400 mark by the start of the season.

While working out has it's obvious advantages for his own personal health and well-being in a profession riddled with high profile coaches with various health issues, Hud says his passion for staying in shape goes beyond that; it's also a powerful motivational tool for his team.

"My favorite quote of all time is 'the speed of the leader is the speed of the pack,' and that's why I try to bring a lot of energy and a lot of juice, chasing guys around."

"Same thing in the weight room. I want them to see me in the weight room. See me running, see me "protecting the house" as I run around the stadium, because I want them to think I'm all in with them. Not just some big, overweight coach that's got a dip in that's telling his guys to 'play hard and to work out hard.' I believe that if they respect you and they see that you work hard and they see the energy and passion that you have hopefully that'll rub off on them."

Listen to Hud's comments at about the 8:30 Mark. On another interesting note, just before that, Hud talks about trying to run off the strength and conditioning coordinator Rusty Whitt, whom he inherited for the final six months of Whitt's contract upon taking the UL job. However, when it was all said and done, Whitt eventually earned Hud's admiration and respect.

Overall, a solid listen. Well worth some time.