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Hudl has made a major announcement...

Just a few weeks ago, Hudl made some major waves in the coaching community with their plan to cap storage limits for programs and to no longer allow unlimited game storage.

A lot of coaches were originally upset with the new parameters, and started to look elsewhere for their video and storage needs, and to Hudl's credit they listened to the criticism and went back to the drawing board and came up with a new, compromised model to move forward with.

Well, according to an announcement today, Hudl has acquired one of those competitors with the addition of Krossover - a film company that largely specialized in doing basketball film, but had been looking to get more into the football side of things.

Here's an excerpt from the Hudl announcement, via Hudl co-founder and Chief Product Officer John Wirtz:

Today, I’m thrilled to announce the addition of Krossover to the Hudl family and to share our vision for helping teams make better, faster decisions with video and data. 

Over the past decade, Krossover pioneered full-service video analysis and broke down games for thousands of coaches. They changed the game in our industry. But in that time, the demands of teams have steadily increased. They need higher quality video, faster breakdowns, in-game insights and more exposure for athletes. These are all areas we’re investing in aggressively and why we believe Hudl is a great long-term home for Krossover customers. 

The rest of the announcement focuses on how the addition of Krossover will help with more data, faster breakdowns, and less effort and how Hudl customers will benefit from the extra hands on board for the analysis.

Exact details aren't known about how things will move forward for programs that decided to switch to Krossover, but when we know we'll pass that information along to all of you.

The one question that will be on everyone's mind is in regards to those storage limits. Krossover offered unlimited storage. Will that change immediately, or will Hudl give a grace period for Krossover customers before they're brought under the Hudl storage limit umbrella?

Head here to read the full announcement from Hudl.

Stay tuned as we learn more about this....