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Hue Jackson defends, rationalizes Art Briles hiring

Grambling's head coach responded to the inevitable backlash against his offensive coordinator hire.

Art Briles has been hired as Grambling's offensive coordinator, his first college job since his ouster at Baylor in 2016. 

Sensing the inevitable backlash, new Grambling head coach Hue Jackson released a statement through his foundation on Monday, defending and rationalizing the hire. Jackson couldn't come out and say the truth -- "We hired Art because he gives us the best chance to win" -- and so he rationalized it through multiple paragraphs on forgiveness and redemption.

The most bizarre stretch comes in the seventh paragraph:

"As we move forward together with Coach Briles, we ask people to keep in mind that no matter your views on this topic, please remember that people can and often do become re-traumatized and re-victimized by statements which may or may not be accurate." 

Is Jackson saying that Briles may be re-traumatized by people's reaction to this hire, or that the victims of Briles' former player may be re-victimized by Briles finding work again?

Hue statement

In a statement to Sports Illustrated, Grambling noted it had nothing to do with the defense its head coach gave of its offensive coordinator. 

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