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Hugh Freeze makes four promises to his players at Ole Miss


Hugh Freeze and his staff have done a tremendous job since taking over a team that finished 2-10 team under Houston Nutt following the 2011 season, transforming the Rebels into a perennial top 25 program that also dominates the recruiting rankings.

Over the weekend, this picture surfaced on Twitter providing a coaching clinic-like glimpse inside of Hugh Freeze's program philosophy as a part of a presentation on how they capture the hearts and minds of their players. In it, Freeze highlights the four promises that they make to their players in Oxford.

All four of those are bound to win over recruits and their families.

Does your program have something similar? Share it with us at, or (if you can condense it to 140 characters) via Twitter @CoachSamz.

If you don't have something like this already, you may want to spend a few minutes with your staff creating one. It seems like a simple approach that has the potential to pay significant dividends.