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Hugh Freeze shares a part of his presentation for his funeral he staged for players

Earlier this week, Hugh Freeze explained how he staged his own funeral in an effort to drive home an important point with his players.

Why would Freeze go there? Well, the point of the whole scene was to better understand "what you believe drives your behaviors, and your behaviors drive your performance, and your performance will give you some result." Freeze went on to explain that we should really work backwards, starting with the desired end result in mind, and then asking if your beliefs and behaviors will help you get that result.

During the scene, he shared with players what he wants his wife (Jill) to say about him at his funeral, what he wants his kids (Ragan, Jordan, Madison) to say, what he wants his players / staff / friends to say, and what he wants his parents to say.

This morning Freeze shared a shot of that particular slide, and it provides some great insight into his mindset as a coach, father, husband, and son.

Take a look and reflect on how yours would look if you were doing the same exercise.