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Hugh Freeze speaks for the first time since he left Ole Miss

If Hugh Freeze wants to coach again, chances are he'll go on a media redemption tour at some point in the next year. Once all the facts come out and the dust settles on his departure and the NCAA's investigation into his program at Ole Miss is complete, we'll see him sit down with Tom Rinaldi on College GameDay, the college football equivalent of sitting on Oprah's couch, grant an long-form piece to a major publication to get "his side of the story" out, or perhaps even pen a confessional op-ed for The Players' Tribune.

Those things are (probably) all still to come.

In the meantime, though, Freeze granted his first interview since resigning from Ole Miss last week. In an interview with USA Today, Freeze gave a brief (and I do mean brief) quote that is an extremely Hugh Freeze quote.

“God is good, even in difficult times,’’ Freeze said. “Wonderful wife and family, and that’s my priority.’’

There was no sort of defense or denial into the "pattern of personal misconduct" that caused Freeze to resign at the point of termination. As for what he's doing right now instead of preparing for the season: watching his daughters play volleyball, visiting with his pastor and heading up to Memphis to hang out with old friends.

The Tom Rinaldi interview will have to wait for another day.