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Hype video showdown: Wisconsin vs. Ohio State

There's no getting around it, Illinois took a lot of air out of this particular balloon last week. Had Wisconsin beaten the Illini, this would be No. 6 vs. No. 3 with FOX and ESPN sending their respective pregame shows to document just how huge this game is.

Instead, Wisconsin lost, it's No. 13 vs. No. 3 and, while FOX's pregame and Big Noon Saturday crew will still be inside the Horseshoe, GameDay has bounced to South Dakota.

Given all that, last week's loss to Illinois has upped the stakes for Wisconsin. Had the Badgers won that game, they could endure a loss in Columbus with both their Big Ten and national championship hopes firmly intact. Now, a loss on Saturday kisses any hope of a national championship goodbye and puts their Big Ten title hopes in serious peril.

This means Wisconsin's sense of urgency will be cranked up to 13, and Ohio State had better come prepared.

It's time for Hype Video Showdown.


Who do you got?