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ODU head coach Bobby Wilder: “I am so tired of coaches complaining about quality of life"


Hugh Freeze, as well as a number of other proponents to the recent satellite camp ban, have come out with statements about how the ban is important for coaches who value spending time with their families.

Two weeks ago, following the announcement of the ban, Freeze told the Clarion Ledger that: "I'm selfish with my time. I'm away from my family enough, and I just did not want to go. I was ready to. We would've jumped in with the rest of them and gone to work. But I'm glad we can have a camp and I can sleep at home."

Old Dominion head coach Bobby Wilder was one of many coaches who had plans for him and his staff to attend multiple satellite camps this summer, and he's sick and tired of hearing the woe-is-me perspective that a number of coaches are clinging to. Quite simply, he doesn't want to hear it from his colleagues in the profession.

“You can only do 15 days in June and 15 days in July of camps," Wilder told The Daily Press, according to a piece in the Detroit News highlighting where coaches from around the country stand on the satellite camp issue.

“That’s four weeks we can be on vacation in the summer. Not to mention the 30 days we can’t recruit around Christmas."

"I am so tired of coaches complaining about quality of life when 95 percent of Americans will never touch the money or vacation time we get. Shame on us.”

I can certainly see both sides of the issue here, with coaches on the road for weeks on end, and putting in crazy hours during the week, family time is at a premium. But college coaches also have a job that so many people would give literally anything to have, and Wilder is right, most Americans won't touch the type of money or vacation time that many coaches get.

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