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"I️ wish there was more about what we are opposed to what we’re against"

South Carolina basketball coach Frank Martin, and Virginia Tech basketball coach Buzz Williams are both guys who are proud of their approach to developing young men and winning basketball games.

We've shared some wisdom and perspective from both of them (Martin here, and Buzz here) before because their messages often transcend the boundary between basketball, football, and other sports. Earlier this week, while sharing a podium, they collaboratively shared something great once again about using the important social platform that coaches and players share.

Martin opens things up by sharing something that a lot of guys that have worked their way up in the coaching profession can relate to.

"He and I - have you read our backgrounds?" Martin asked the media while pointing over to coach Buzz. "Two completely different people from different worlds, but we have a lot of the same values because we understand how people have helped us - that look different, speak differently, walk a different path than ours, but they've been able to help us and because of that, we get to do what we do."

"We're sitting here and you guys are asking us questions like what we say is really relevant, when in the real scope of things we're just two average guys that are trying to help our young guys understand that if you do right, and you respect people, good things will happen for you."

After Martin teed it up, coach Buzz stepped to the plate and took it to the next level.

"I think my tenure as a coach is coming to a close. I tell my players that, I tell my children that, because all I care about is all the things he just talked about. I think the things that I used to look at on a scorecard that were really important, those things don't matter at all anymore. So I spend a lot less time as a coach than I once did, and I spend a lot more time trying to help them grow as people - and not just players, but anybody within our program, within our community, and within our institution."

"So I don't know how much longer I'll coach because I'm not that good at coaching anymore," Williams added.

"The only thing that I would say, relative to the platform and all of the things socially, I think that the problem is that we have so many voices on what they're against, and we have very few voices on what are you for."

"I think that the best thing for me that I spend time talking to our team about, and I'm, not smart enough to talk about our country, but I wish there was more about what we are for, and standing up about what we are for."

"This is what we're for. This is what our actions are for. As opposed to, what are we against? Because children are growing up hearing 'be against that, and be against that.' So okay, but what am I for? So I just want to be a proponent of whatever it is, and whatever it is, let's just be for that. Then I think things would be more clear."

See their full thoughts in the clip.

“I️ wish there was more about what we are for... as opposed to what we’re against...”


— Alex Cervasio (@cvas) November 6, 2017