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If head coaches had their own walk-out music...

This year the NFL Draft decided to give the thirty players invited to New York City the freedom to pick their own walk-up music. It's a first in NFL Draft history, and judging from Rich Eisen's tweet, which got nearly 500 retweets, it's a welcome change.

This got me to thinking, what if (in an alternate universe of some kind) head coaches had their own walk-out music?

It seemed like a fun idea at first (especially for a Thursday in May with football so far away), and then the wheels in my head started turning. Here's what I came up with when I took into account the 2013 season, and overall coaching personality. Fellow FootballScoop writer Zach Barnett pitched in a few good ideas on this one as well.

Some of these were just for fun (obviously), others were a bit more serious. If you've got an addition to the list, or one that you feels fits better let me know on Twitter @CoachSamzand I'll make note of it in the article.

Nick Saban:Metallica - Enter Sandman
It's only fitting that the most successful coach in all of college football gets paired with the same song that the best closer in Major League Baseball history (Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera) used during his standout career. I mean, c'mon, how sweet would it be to see Saban take the field, running through a cloud of smoke, with this blaring in the background? I feel that I should also note that "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Song of the South" were strong considerations as well.

Gus Malzahn:Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer
Malzahn's first season at the helm at Auburn was capped with some of the most historic finishes in the history of college football. First it was the Miracle at Jordan Hare, and then...well...I don't even need to remind you of the Iron Bowl finish. Malzahn is an excellent coach, and one of the best offensive minds in football, so he'll have his fair share of blowout wins in the coming seasons, but this one just seems to fit for the 2014 season, and a new one can be picked for next year.

Mark Dantonio: Lynrd Skynrd - Simple Man
Coach Dantonio certainly is a simple man of sorts. From his facila expressions all the way down to the way his team plays on Saturday's in the fall. At least that's what he wants you to believe. His Michigan State program has built a name for itself winning games on the heels of an outstanding defense and a true power run game. But just when you think he's as simple as it gets, he'll pull out a "simple" fake field goal, or "simple" fake punt that is executed to perfection, leaving you with a dagger in your heart. 

Kliff Kingsbury: Bring Em Out - T.I.
It only seems appropriate that the first hip hop song on the list would be awarded to Kliff Kingsbury. This song has swag right away and a nice beat, and opens up with a gun reference fitting enough to get the Red Raider fan base riled up. It may not be "P.C.", but it is fitting. GUNS UP! Also receiving strong consideration were "Pretty Fly (for a white guy)" by the Offspring and "Good Vibrations" by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

Bob Diaco:Coming to America - Soul Glo commercial
So this isn't exactly a walk-out song, but Diaco may have the best hair among college football head coaches, and this is the only way I could think of to honor that. Really though, it always looks immaculate, regardless of circumstance. Short or wavy, it really doesn't matter. Actually, Prince Fielder really did use this popular as his walk up song during the 2013 season.

Paul Johnson:Brantley Gilbert - Hell onWheels
For me, when I head this song, specifically the chorus, the "Wrambling Wreck" and Paul Johnson's dreaded triple option immediately came to mind. At face value, it seems like a solid reflection of the GT program.

Mike Leach:Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train
Leach has a taste and appreciation for some stuff that borders on a bit outlandish, and he's always a lock to provide some of the most entertaining press conferences during the course of a year, so why not pair him up with an Ozzy Osborne song to hit the field with? As if I needed another reason to justify the choice, one of the first lines of the song seems to be a direct quote from one of Leach's post game press conferences regarding 82 pass attempts, or a ridiculous finish; "Crazy, but that's how it goes.

Bret Bielema:Star Wars - The Imperial March
Bielema has gotten off to a rough start this off season, starting with the now infamous "player safety concerns" of the up tempo offenses. While it's obviously something that he believes in, it didn't make him any friends this off season, which is why Darth Vader's theme song seemed like an appropriate choice. On a more positive note, this would be a pretty bad ass song to come out to under any circumstances, whether you like Star Wars or not.

Les Miles:The Troggs - Wild Thing
Do I really need to explain this one? Les Miles has been known to speak his mind to the media, eat grass, and utter some complete gibberish on occasion that only he understands. His eccentricity, plus his knack for winning games is more than enough to make LSU fans confess "Wild Thing...I think I love you".

Bobby Petrino:AC/DC - Back in Black

After a year at Western Kentucky, one of the biggest story lines as far as hires go was the return of Bobby Petrino to Louisville. "Back in Black", with Louisville donning their all black alternates would be the perfect situation to usher in Petrino's return. Absolutely perfect.

James Franklin:Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch - Good Vibrations
Franklin is a ball of positive energy and enthusiasm, and this song is the mirror image of that philosophy. I feel like I nailed this one in particular. If I could freestyle rap, this is the equivalent of dropping my last verse and then dropping the microphone and calmly walking off the stage.