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If the Cardinals get 'Hard Knocks' Arians will 'change the way he coaches'

For me, it's hard to picture someone who isn't a fan of HBO's infamous "Hard Knocks" series. Then again, I'm not an NFL coach like Bruce Arians.

Last year the NFL adopted rules that allows them the ability to force teams to take part in the series. Teams that have a new head coach, have made the playoffs in the past two seasons, and teams that have taken part in the series over the past 10 years can't be forced by the league to take part, but Bruce Arians' Cardinals don't meet any of those exceptions.

That means, along with the Cardinals, that the Bills, Giants, Bears, Jags, Raiders, Rams, and Steelers are all fair game for the 2014 version of "Hard Knocks".

For Arians, who is entering his second year of rebuilding the Arizona franchise, he feels like the series would be major distraction in what him and his staff are trying to do.

"I think it's a total distraction to what you're trying to accomplish, because everything about 'Hard Knocks' is getting on television and being an individual. And it's a team game."

Having cameras following you around constantly as you're going about your business as an NFL head coach does sound less than ideal, and for Arians, he tells that it would completely change the way approaches his job.

I don't watch reality TV. It does nothing for me so I don't really want to be on reality TV. I would have to change totally how I coach. It would not be acceptable to a lot of people, and I've been down the road with some people."

I can imagine that 99% of head coaches in the NFL agree with Arians to some extent. Read the full article here, complete with some of Arians' best media moments of 2013.