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If there's only one college football game this fall, it sounds like it's going to be this one

While the Big Ten and PAC-12 have already announced that they're only going to play conference games, college football is still facing a worst-case scenario of no games at all this fall.

Well, that is unless Navy athletic director Chet Gladchuk has anything to say about it.

In talking with ESPN's Heather Dinich today about the issues that the COVID pandemic has presented, and the current landscape of college football, Gladchuk is confident that at least one college football game will take place this fall.

"If there's only one game we're going to play, it's the Army-Navy game. Unless the pandemic is such at the time that we're precluded by the city of Philadelphia to play that game, we have every intention of playing Army-Navy."

Gladchuk shared that the game is already virtually sold out, even it's unlikely that they'll be able to accommodate that capacity when the game is scheduled to kick off on December 12th.

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