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Don Draper of Mad Men has the funniest fantasy football story ever

I have only watched the first season or two of AMC's hit show "Mad Men", but what I do know (mostly from what my Twitter feed tells me) is that Don Draper, played by actor Jon Hamm, is an absolute cult icon.

Well the other night on Jimmy Kimmel, Hamm tells a story about his fantasy football league with Kimmel's cousin Sal. Every fantasy football league has their own great storyline, but this one might just top all of them.

Long story short, the league winner from the previous year gets to pick one person to kick out of the league, 'Survivor style" as Hamm explains it. The kicker is that you aren't notified that you're the person until you show up for draft day, so all your homework is done on your picks...and then you're hit with the boot.

Well when you're shooting a hit TV show, and preparing for the draft, scheduling can get a bit tight. I'll let Kimmel and Hamm pick things up from there.

If you're looking for a way to spice up your fantasy football league, this may be a nice addition. Or there is always this alternative.