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Illinois considering a two year deal for Cubit to stay on

A few minutes ago Shannon Ryan of the Chicago Tribune reported that Illinois is considering offering interim head coach Bill Cubit a two-year deal to remain on as head coach.

The upside: retaining Cubit for a longer term would remove the university of the pressure cooker of hiring an AD and then a head coach in a short time frame. With Rick George no longer available, Illinois could take its time to find the right AD, then give Cubit a chance to prove himself the right person to lead the program on a permanent basis.

The downside: this plan would kick the can further down the road on fixing a football program adrift for some time now. Cubit's two-year contract will also undoubtedly become cannon fodder for rival programs in recruiting.

Will it happen? Well, we should all find out Sunday. As always, stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest.