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"I'm a football coach today because I wanted to emulate you"

We all have one.

The person - most likely a parent, but perhaps it was a coach, a teacher, a grandparent - that we can point back to and say "I am where I am because of you." The road map of our life, its twists and turns, peaks and valleys, begins with them.

For Stanford offensive coordinator Mike Bloomgren, it was his high school coach, Florida High's Mike Hickman. His biography is posted below, but everything you need to know about the man can be learned from Bloomgren's message. "I started with 'Dammit Michael' because he said that line to me so many times my freshman and sophomore year that I believed dammit was my first name," Bloomgren told FootballScoop.

Bloomgren, speaking of Hickman in the video, adds, "I'm a football coach today because I wanted to emulate you. I wanted to show the boys of fall how to be the men of tomorrow, how to great husbands and fathers..."

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We all have that person. Make sure yours knows how important they are to you.

FootballScoop would like to pass along our congratulations to Coach Hickman on an outstanding career.