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An important message for coaches who like to constantly bring up how "kids" or "the game" has changed over the years

There's a really good reason the AFCA decided to bring Brian Kight in to talk at the National Coaches Convention back in January - the content he shares is really, really good and his messages and approach really resonate with coaches.

I happily feature bits from Brian (@TBrianKight), and his father (@TimothyKight) - who together run a company called Focus3 that centers around educating teachers, coaches, and businesses about culture and how to build and sustain a culture - a few times a week in the daily One Minute Warm Up feature because they always seem to have a message that hit home with me, and it's often something other coaches would benefit from hearing as well.

That brings me to this clip that has been passed around pretty heavily the past few days or so. Every staff (or school) has a coach (or teacher) who likes to talk about how "the game has changed," or how "kids have changed," over the years. We all know at least one or two people guilty of it, and it may even be the person staring back at you in the mirror.

Well, Kight takes on that attitude head-on in this short clip from one of his speaking sessions.

Tough love and 100% from the heart. It's bigger than you.

— Brian Kight (@TBrianKight) January 18, 2018

There are a lot of coaches, teachers, administrators, etc. that could benefit a lot from hearing this and taking it to heart. It's not that things haven't changed, because of lot of things undoubtedly have, the point is to stop using phrases like those as a crutch.

As the Kight's like to say, in what has become one of their many signature phrases - "Doesn't matter. Get better."