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In an effort to get even better, Odell Beckham Jr is forcing himself to be an everyday lefty


Since his fabled touchdown catch a year ago against the Cowboys, no name in the NFL has been hotter than Odell Beckham Junior's.

Videos and Vines of his warm up routine on game day get thousands upon thousands of views, and his jersey is currently the #3 best seller in the NFL Shop ahead of staples like Aaron Rodgers, JJ Watt, and Peyton Manning.

While his on the field talent gets a lot of attention, it's what he's doing off the field that warranted a recent piece in the Wall Street Journal.

The article points out that, like 90% of the human population, Beckham is right handed...but to make himself a better football player, and all around athlete he's started doing everyday tasks (like brushing his teeth) with his left hand.

“My left didn’t feel the same as my right so I’m trying to become ambidextrous. It’s something I’ve been trying recently, to get my left hand intact with the rest of my body. This was finding a way to be better.”

“Brushing my teeth with my left hand—this is going to help me,” Beckham told the Wall Street Journal. “Why won’t this help me be more coordinated? You have to have [another hand] so you might as well use it.”

While the approach may be unconventional, it's surprising to me that more people haven't tried this approach before. It makes so much sense. The whole idea is to make even the most mundane tasks that he does with his right, seem just as mundane to his left which will in turn help him catching the ball, beating press coverage, and even blocking - at least that's the thinking behind all of it.

Head here to read the whole piece.