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"In recruiting, if you think of it, you should do it"


The football facilities arms race has reached epic proportions in the past five years or so with the additions of arcades, laser tag, barber shops, and other amenities that would have been considered over the top at football facilities just a decade ago.

An article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette points out that Pitt spent $3.5 million on a facilities facelift last summer (with further construction upcoming), Penn State is undergoing a $12 million renovation of their football building, and Clemson recently announced plans for a $55 million football complex which will include mini golf. That doesn't even mention the facilities at Oregon and Texas A&M, two facilities widely regarded as the best in college football.

Steve Wiltfong, the director of recruiting for 247 Sports noted in the article that the frills are most likely worth the expense.

“In recruiting, if you think of it, you should do it." Wiltfong noted. That's advice that coaches at every level of college football can learn from.

“If you have things that make people go ‘wow’ in a good light, even if it’s not something that is going to be important in their decision, it makes them happy about where they’re at on a visit.”

Wiltfong went on to note in the article that some of the effects of the facility improvements can actually be on a subconscious level for recruits. That right there is enough to make you rethink everything you show recruits on your visit.

“It just makes guys feel more comfortable where they’re visiting without them really even knowing it."

Read the full piece here.