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The ineligible receiver downfield rule has been tabled by the NCAA

Auburn OL

The no-huddle offense just can't be defeated, in or out of season.

Following last year's failed bid to force a 10-second delay before any snap (lest incur a mind-melting delay of game penalty), the NCAA's Playing Rules Oversight Panel has tabled a proposal to move the illegal receiver downfield threshold from three yards to one.

"Panel members, who met on a teleconference Thursday, felt more discussion about the rule should take place within the college football community before a final decision is made," read the official statement.

Additionally, the PROP said it was hesitant to implement a new rule without more feedback from its constituents. Only 65 of the 128 sitting FBS head coaches participated in a survey about the rule, and only 46 head coaches offered comments about the rule.

So while the 2015 season will be used for further evaluation, the NCAA says it will more strictly enforce the three-yard rule already on the books.

Other rules that have been passed:

- Allowing a universal eight-man officiating crew if desired by a conference or school.

- A 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty for pushing or pulling players off piles.

- A 10-second runoff if a helmet comes off a defensive player in the final minute of the half. Also, the play clock will be set at 40 seconds, up from 25 seconds.

- Officials will now provide a sideline warning for moving out of the designated bench area instead of going straight to a penalty.

- Illegal equipment issues (i.e., an exposed back flap) will force a player to leave the game for one play, and he can not return until the issue has been corrected.

- A kicking team player blocking a receiving team player before an onside kick has traveled 10 yards is now a reviewable play.

- Teams must now provide 22 minutes prior to kickoff for pre-game warmups unless both teams agree to shorten the time period.

- If the play clock runs down to 25 seconds before the ball is set for play, the officials will reset the clock to 40 seconds. The previous rule required the clock get down to 20 seconds before a reset.

- Overbuilt face masks are now prohibited.