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Innovative new recruiting tool

Back in early April I got my hands on a very unique set of trading cards.


Needless to say, when I saw the Stanford Football 2017 Coaching Series cards I had to unwrap the pack and see how these babies looked....and I have to say I came away very impressed.


What a cool little "leave behind" in recruiting. The cards are the right size for a player to stick in his pocket. Stanford gets to tell their story in snack sized blurbs that high school athletes can & will actually digest and the visuals are quite cool as well. Certainly created a buzz on the recruiting trail as I've now seen a few other programs create some form of their own card sets.


Having each coach's twitter handle on there is a nice way of reminding recruits how they can contact a coach to begin or further a conversation about Stanford football.


Props to the folks who had the idea, and those who worked the execution & graphics. Great idea.