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Inside the Cal locker room after they ended their 15-game Pac-12 losing streak


Cal's 15-game conference losing streak came to an end over the weekend in dramatic fashion with their 59-56 double overtime win over Colorado that required a defensive goal line stand starting on first and goal in the second overtime period.

After the game in the locker room, Sonny Dykes addressed the team and explained how proud of them he was while making sure they kept perspective of the big picture.

"I don't know about you, but I felt Ted with us today. I can feel him with us on the sidelines, and that's the truth guys." Dykes told the team, referencing teammate Ted Agu who died during a team workout back in February. "Keep his family and him in your prayers tonight."

Then Dykes brought out some guests from the Oakland Children's hospital and introduced them before starting their "tell the whole damn world that this is Bear territory" chant.

"These guys are the real heroes," he reminded his players as the kids stepped to the forefront.

The Golden Bears are 3-1 heading into this weekend's game against Washington State (2-3).