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Inside Dana Holgorsen's 8,000 square foot house and Big 12 coaches hangout


A handful of Big 12 coaches were at ESPN studios today for a sit-down interview on the SportsCenter set, and no Big 12 coach was more entertaining than Dana Holgorsen (well, except maybe Art Briles).

About 30 seconds into the clip, one of the anchors steals Holgo's Red Bull and tries to zing him with something about him not playing defense on it, and then gets into some of the details of his beautiful new 8,000 square foot house. The home was built for him by his dad and brother.

"We heard that the only room that you cared about was the bar room." the female anchor asked.

"There's about 7 TVs down there," Holgorsen noted. "That way we can watch 6 or 7 games on a Saturday when we're getting ready for a night game in Morgantown."

After EPSN Jay Crawford coins the area "the ultimate mancave", Holgo goes on to note that Big 12 assistants will often swing out when their team is in town (but not the head coaches), and the clips ends with him answering which Big 12 head coach would be the first to show up on his doorstep if the head coaches of the league were having a get together at his place.

"Well that would be my guy coach [Bob] Stoops. He'd probably be the first one there and the last one to leave."