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Video: Inside how growing up in Brooklyn shaped Dolphins head coach Brian Flores

A longtime cog in the Patriots dynasty under Bill Belichick, Brian Flores burst onto the scene as a head coaching candidate heading into the 2019 season after gradually climbing the ladder from scouting assistant, to pro scout, to special teams assistant, to defensive assistant before finally being promoted to an on-field role as safeties coach in 2012. In 2016 he moved to linebackers and took over the Pats defensive play calling in 2018 before being named named head coach of the Dolphins heading into 2019.

During his time with the Patriots, Flores was an integral part of the team capturing four Super Bowls.

Very rarely do you get to peel back the curtains on the background and upbringing of an NFL head coach, but that's exactly what the Dolphins do here with this video, taking him back to his old stomping grounds in Brooklyn where he, and those close to him, talk about how he grew up and how that experience, and the tough love of his mother, shaped him.

Throughout the clip, you hear from Flores and a number of people that have impacted his life including a childhood neighbor and his high school football coach.

To end the clip, Flores shares some poignant words of wisdom for those who may share a similar upbringing.

"It doesn't really matter where you're from or what your situation is, if you do what you're passionate about, you have goes so far. I don't think people really understand how impactful they are."

"For the kids being impacted - keep working, keep striving, keep trying to be the best version of yourself and then pay it forward. It's only a success story if we help other people have success."

See the full clip for more.