In Larry Fedora’s 4th season as Southern Miss’ head coach his team won 12 games and their division. Larry then became North Carolina’s head coach.

In Larry Fedora’s 4th season as North Carolina’s head coach his team won 11 games and their division. Many thought Fedora would move on; but perhaps the planets didn’t align just right, or maybe Larry simply wanted to stay where he was, regardless, three years later here we are. After winning 11 in year 4, Fedora’s Tar Heels have won 8, then 3 and now 2 games in the last three seasons.

Larry Fedora didn’t forget how to coach these past three years. There have been some factors working against him with regards to the “academic” scandals at UNC, with injuries and well, we could go on; but it is what it is. It’s hard to stay anywhere 7 years in coaching these days. Following Saturday’s game vs. NC State we’ll all learn what AD Bubba Cunningham thinks the path forward is for UNC Football.

Most in the coaching profession believe it would be best for UNC and for Fedora to go their separate ways giving each a fresh start. There has been some chatter of late that Cunningham will ask Fedora to stay on; but make wholesale changes to his staff. Relevant to the discussion, it would cost $12 million to terminate Fedora without cause (subject to offset from future employment though).

If they do decide to move on from Fedora, two very good candidates could come from Fedora’s “tree”. Blake Anderson and Seth Littrell, both former UNC offensive coordinators under Fedora, have each done well as head coaches. They have instilled their identity on their programs and both a quality leaders of men. Matt Canada knows the lay of the land in the Carolinas and will be pushed for the job by some. Ryan Day seems to be an intriguing interview for some directors of athletics these days. One of the questions I hear the most from coaches is, “Would a program like UNC look into Mike Houston at JMU?” Houston is an impressive coach. He gets results and isn’t afraid of to work with high academic standards. Scott Satterfield at App State is a heck of a football coach who could win just about anywhere he goes. Satt would be an abrupt change from Fedora’s style; but perhaps that is what UNC will be looking for.

Change is coming at UNC, the question is will Larry Fedora be leading it.

This should all play out this upcoming weekend. Stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest in coaching job information.

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