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Inside Scoop: Talking recruiting with Matt Dudek

Inside Scoop is back with Arizona's director of on-campus recruiting Matt Dudek. The man behind Arizona's recruiting efforts and social media branding, Dudek has been a frequent FootballScoop interview subject for some time now. This time around Scott and Matt discuss the lay of the land both in the Arizona program and the college football recruiting world at large.

A few of the topics:

- The over-the-top ridiculousness of Arizona's Wildcat Olympics.

- How Rich Rodriguez emphasizes family in every aspect of the Wildcats' program. The first thing visitors see upon entering the football offices is a photo of the entire staff with their families.

- "Something Coach Rodriguez asks in our recruiting meetings: does he play any other sports?" Why? It keeps a player in competition all year round versus devoting three months to games and nine months to workouts, and movements learned in basketball and baseball, for example, are things a kid won't learn in football but prove useful on the gridiron nonetheless.

- How to rise in the recruiting industry, and more programs looking to hire women in recruiting and operations roles.

- Why Instagram is the most popular social media hangout of recruits, but Twitter is the preferred medium for recruiters.