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Inside the Miami locker room after the 8-lateral craziness: "Unity beats adversity"

Last week in the Miami football program faced an adverse week for the program, to say the least. On Sunday, Al Golden was let go, run game coordinator Larry Scott is named interim head coach and then on Saturday the 'Canes took a ranked Duke squad down to the wire and pull of one of the most controversial endings in recent memory.

An ending so controversial that the ACC suspended the officials, and those involved in the replay and communications for two games.

After the game, interim head coach Larry Scott soaked up the experience before addressing the team.

"When you guys have the will that you guys have, and you have the week that you had, and you use it all, you ball it all up and you use all of the energy."

"One time - What kills adversity?" Scott asked the team, to which they responded, "UNITY".

"So many great life lessons. All kinds of stuff, but we ain't going to talk about all that right now. We're going to talk about the people in this room. All the people in this room, man that just came and went to work. That's a lot to go through."

"I love you guys and appreciate everything." Scott added.