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Video: Inside Willie Taggart's first team meeting at Oregon

Before Willie Taggart met with the press at his introductory press conference as Oregon's new head coach, he had a chance to speak with his new team. Normally that talk is kept pretty well under wraps, but Oregon's cameras were there to share a bit of Taggart's talk with players.

Taggart starts by talking a bit about his family, naming his wife and kids one by one before he notes that all the players in that meeting room are now a part of his family.

"I'm going to always, ALWAYS, have your back." Taggart tells them at the end of the first video.

In the second video Taggart builds on that, adding that he only expects three things in return for him always being in their corner.

"Three things; Be the best football player you can be. Be the best student you can be. and give me the best character you have. Those are the three things that we're going to work on every single day."

Watch both video highlighting Taggart's hire and his first meeting with the team in the two videos below.