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Inspired by cheetahs, Duke has nicknamed their defensive backs "The Coalition" for an interesting reason


Nicknames and position groups go hand in hand. Programs with a strong defensive backfield often get nicknamed "The No Fly Zone," and thanks to the legendary Washington Redskins unit offensive line, many offensive lines get called "The Hogs."

Well Duke is taking a bit of a different approach in nicknaming their secondary, drawing inspiration from the fastest and most agile cat in the animal kingdom - the cheetah.

The comparisons between the Duke defensive backs and cheetahs go well beyond face value. Sure cheetahs and defensive backs both share the traits of being smart, instinctive, aggressive, and both possess elite speed, vision and change of direction skills, but "The Coalition" moniker was chosen for a different reason.

Normally, cheetahs hunt alone...but when they do hunt together, they only hunt with their brothers. That there is why "The Coalition" was chosen as a fitting nickname.

The video below from Duke does a great job of illustrating what "The Coalition" is all about, and pass break ups have never been so exciting.