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Interactive map shows every program in America that plays NCAA football


The website has come out with an interactive map that shows the location of every single NCAA football (FBS, FCS, D-II, and D-III) program in America, as well as one - Simon Fraser University - in Canada.

The one overwhelming conclusion? There are no shortage of NCAA programs East of Iowa and North of Kentucky stretching all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

While having a tool like this on hand would be great for athletic directors looking to fill their future schedules, there are a few interesting visual observations that the map helps bring to light as well. The interactive feature allows you to split things up by both division and conference.

Below you'll find screenshots of the each division and how each level populates the map of the United States. Draw your own conclusions, but I've included my observations as well.



  • Overall, a pretty solid spread with practically every major metropolitan area covered. There should be no surprises here.


  • The South and East coast dominate the FCS map.
  • Some may find it surprising that no FCS schools are located in Michigan, Kansas, or Nebraska.

D-II Map

  • Division II is the only level you'll find a program outside of the United States (Simon Fraser in Canada)
  • Division II football seems to be most popular in the Midwest and Southern regions of the country


  • This is the map I found the most surprising, even as a former D-III player in the Midwest.
  • Division III football is most popular in Michigan, Illinois Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, and East.
  • There are a total of ZERO D-III programs located in Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada.
  • More and more programs are popping up down South; 2 in Georgia, 2 in Alabama, 1 in Mississippi, 3 in Tennessee, etc.

See the full map and breakdowns here.