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Introducing the new FootballScoop weekly podcast

After throwing around the idea for a while and fielding a large number of requests over the years, we are proud to announce that the FootballScoop staff is putting together a new structured, weekly podcast for your listening pleasure.

Here is the link to subscribe to it via iTunes, and via Android (PodBean Player). The weekly podcast will be ready to play every Monday morning by the time you hit your alarm clock to start your morning commute or to hit the road recruiting, but we also plan on releasing updates throughout the week on what we're hearing on open jobs and sharing other vital information.

Bottom line here is, you're going to want to subscribe to the Podcast so that you're able to stay up on the latest developments, and as always, stay tuned to The Scoop page.

At the core of this new podcast idea are two main goals. Number one: we were hungry to find a new avenue to inform, connect, and engage with our audience of coaches, football fans, and general visitors to the site. Second, we all felt like a podcast was a great way to give people a better sense of each of our unique personalities in a way that of our articles and social media accounts simply could not fully convey.

In putting together the podcast format, it was important that we find a way to highlight each of our strengths as a staff, so with that in mind we developed an approach featuring three segments.


The Scoop will feature a weekly run down by FootballScoop owner Scott Roussel that will feature a mix of the latest coaching changes, some current events, popular articles from the site, and of course updates on what we're hearing from coaches in the profession regarding some of the biggest remaining open jobs out there.


The Press Box will be a segment hosted by our very own Zach Barnett where he interviews a different head coach, coordinator, or assistant coach about their coaching journeys, their current programs, along with a healthy mix of some outside-the-box questions too that will keep everyone involved on their toes - questions like what their first contract looked like, the TV show they simply can't miss, and other questions along those lines.


Hosted by myself (Doug Samuels), Beyond the Whistle will be a weekly conversation with successful coaches from around the country at a variety of levels delving into areas in the coaching profession like how to build a successful program, how to create a successful culture, how programs structure their off season to keep players engaged, and how to deal with parents, as well as a host of similar issues.

Episode 0 - The Intro is set to launch next Monday, and from there on out moving forward we'll push out weekly episodes every Monday.

Again, much like we did with the episode discussing Lane Kiffin's future last week, we'll also publish occasional updates to our Podcast page on what we're hearing regarding open jobs and some of the top coaches in the profession. Look for those to be titled something along the lines of "Update at [insert school here]" or "Update regarding [insert name of coach here]".

Of course, as we get things rolling we'll ask that you leave us a rating and/or review via iTunes (or whatever app you're using to listen), and you'll also see us use the heading: ISO (meaning: In Search Of), on The Scoop or High School Scoop pages when looking for suggestions from readers on who we should have on the coming episodes when we talk about building a successful culture, dealing with parents, etc. We feel this is important because there are a lot of great guys out there doing innovative things in their program with ideas that deserve to be shared. It's our hope that this podcast gives a platform for coaches like that to share those ideas and the thought that went into them.

A ton of groundwork, research, and planning have gone into this idea over the past month or so, and it will surely be a learning experience as we go, but it's something that we're very all very excited about launching and being a part of.