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Introducing the FootballScoop Movie Club

For the past 21 years, FootballScoop has prided itself on being, first and foremost, the premier source for coaching news and all that implies. For 21 years, you have come here to see who's taking what job, but also to see who's adding a cool new feature to their facilities, who has come up with a better way of instilling leadership in players, who's come up with a way to make meetings more efficient, and who pulled a prank on the O-line coach that the rest of the world needs to see.

As we sail into uncharted waters here over the coming days and weeks, that isn't going to change. Football is still football, even if business grinds to an unprecedented halt for an undetermined amount of time.

In the meantime, this will still be the place to come and talk football, even if there's no football to talk.

That's why we're launching the FootballScoop Movie Club.

Until the football world is lifted out of quarantine, we'll pick a football-related movie (or book!) to analyze and dissect.

It can be fiction or non-fiction, new or old. The idea here is to pass the time by sticking together and learning a few things along the way. It also doesn't have to confine to the 120x53-yard confines of the gridirion. Got a movie (or book!) that has a great message about leadership and team building that stretches beyond football? Let us know and we'll add it to the pile.

I'd like for this to be a community project, so drop us a line at or send me a DM on Twitter @zach_barnett and we'll pick a movie (or book!) and get going.