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Iowa AD Gary Barta has an idea to slow down roster movement

Gary Barta sees the roster churn in college athletics, and believes the solution lies in turning back the clock a year to a rule that used to exist.

For just over a year now, college athletics have had the ability to transfer one-time without having to sit out a season.

The rule was widely applauded at the time, but the ability to transfer without penalty combined with players ability to earn money through NIL deals has created a ton of roster turnover.

Iowa's Gary Barta believes there is a rather simple solution to slow down the roster churn in college athletics.

On the "Fight for Iowa" podcast, Barta recommended rolling back that free one-time transfer without consequence.

"'s a good thing. Actually, that part of it is going well on our campus, but what has happened is it is now being used for recruiting inducements."

"That was never intended. It still is against the rules, but it’s blatantly being abused.”

Barta's logic is that if guys have to sit out a year, like quarterback Caleb Williams (who went from Oklahoma star to the USC roster with Lincoln Riley) or Jordan Addison (who is currently testing the transfer waters after proving to be the best wide receiver in college football last season at Pitt), boosters aren't going to offer the kid big NIL money knowing they have to sit out a year before those boosters start to see a return on their investment when the player is able to hit the field.

Since the NCAA recently stated they finally plan to pursue boosters and programs bending the rules for how NIL was intended to work, this may seem like a logical step to some, but the reality is, you can't (and shouldn't) be able to "put the toothpaste back in the tube."

Hear Barta on the podcast below.