Iowa on Monday said goodbye to Chris Doyle, the highest-paid strength coach in the country and the only strength coach the Hawkeyes have known in the Kirk Ferentz era.

But it will say goodbye to the Kirk Ferentz era altogether.

In a press conference Monday afternoon, Iowa AD Gary Barta said he is confident Ferentz is the right man to lead the program moving forward.

The longest-tenured head coach in FBS, Ferentz is the last remaining coach hired in the 20th century. Ferentz has been Iowa’s head coach since Dec. 2, 1998.

Over that time, Ferentz has compiled a 162-104 record with a share of two Big Ten titles, five AP Top 10 finishes and one Rose Bowl appearance.

Iowa went 10-3 with a Holiday Bowl victory over USC and a No. 15 finish in 2019.

Ferentz admitted he had a “blind spot” in regards to racial issues inside his own program on Friday.

“The biggest question to me is, why the blind spot?” Ferentz said. “And I think every person has a blind spot. I’m sure every leader has a blind spot. The former players were very forthcoming. They were very direct, and just pointed out some things that perhaps gave me a new awareness. And I think Monday’s meeting, Tuesday’s meeting followed up with that light. So the key here is to try to create an environment where everybody feels free to talk and say their mind, and know it’s going to be weighed and valued and measured.”

Barta said Iowa has retained an outside firm to investigate the program, a process he said Monday should take weeks, not months. But the result of that investigation will not result in the end of Ferentz’s tenure, according to Barta.

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