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Iowa State has some fun with a coach's injury: "It was supposed to be a friendly game of hoops, and turned into a great tragedy"

Staff basketball games. They happen at a ton of college campuses as a way to bond and get in a good workout in what can be a stressful time of year for coaches.

...and every once in a while, they result in an injury.

At Iowa State, that's unfortunately what happened to Tyson Veidt (our 2017 FootballScoop Linebackers Coach of the Year winner).

To have lighthearted fun with the situation, Iowa State released this video to lay out how it happened and how a legend seems to have been born in the face of tragedy.

As coach Campbell says to open up the video: "We just started our basketball league for coaches. It was supposed to be friendly game of hoops, and what turned into a great tragedy..."

Enjoy the video, and bravo to ISU for finding a way to have fun with this, and for the spin they put on it in re-enacting it and capturing the grief of recruiting operations assistant Kyle Highland - who some believe is responsible for the injury.

-RIP to coach Veidt's ACL and meniscus-