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Iowa State is making sure the Spring depth chart is motivational by the minute


For a lot of programs the spring depth chart is about as useful as a true fullback in the Air Raid. They're great to have around, and look good, but when it comes down to crunch time in the fall when the games are played, both are irrelevant.

In an effort to ramp up the intensity and competitiveness in spring ball a bit, Iowa State offensive line coach Brandon Blaney told his guys that not only is the depth chart fluid day to day, but he took things a step further saying that he's willing to adjust it from drill to drill.

"At the end of the season we talked about blowing up the depth chart. We might have one officially, but it's fluid at best, and it may change by drill in some cases."

"That's really a positive thing because nothing is established, so what a person does from a production standpoint, from a competitive standpoint, and namely from a physical standpoint...that gets assessed every single minute and there's a high level of accountability right there." Blaney told AllCyclones.

Every rep in every drill now gives every player a unique opportunity to move up the depth chart, which has the potential to breed quite the unique practice culture within Blaney's own position group. As a player, one minute you're dominating an inside run drill, and then minutes later in a team session you go from taking reps with the third team to with the starters - that's quite the motivation.

Being able to immediately climb, or drop, down the chart based on effort, competitiveness, or physicality every rep you take is a constant reminder of what is on the line.

Interesting move.