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Iowa State shares new uniforms, including an all black option

Earlier today, Arkansas rolled out some new uniforms, and just a little bit ago Iowa State did the same.

It all started with a tweet from head coach Matt Campbell.

Then the Iowa State football account shared a few shots of each of the uniforms, including an all icy white option...

as well as a really sweet black option. These not-coincidentally fit right in-step with their #WinInTheDark hashtag. Looks like these are replacing the gray ones we've seen the last few years.

A close look at the numbers reveals a unique Cyclone-like swoop in a few of the numbers (see the 8 and 9 in particular).

Judging from the reaction on social media, lots of folks are big fans of these. They're certainly an update from the kind of dated look they've had the past few seasons with the double stripes on the shoulder..