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Iowa State signs Matt Campbell to contract extension

The Ohio State scare has come and gone, and now Iowa State has signed Matt Campbell to a contract extension.

Iowa State AD Jamie Pollard announced Sunday that Campbell has agreed to an extension keeping him in Ames through 2024 with a $1 million increase to his assistant coaches salary pool.

Iowa State's assistant pool was $2.982 million in 2018 according to the USA Today salary database, putting the Cyclones 49th in the country. Adding another million would boost the Cyclones to 27th, based on 2018 figures.

"Coach Campbell and I had a great end-of-the-year meeting Friday and during our visit we mutually agreed to extend his contract to 2024 and further demonstrate Coach Campbell and the University's commitment to one another," Pollard said. "I couldn't be more excited for our current players, fans and recruits to receive this great news."

Campbell signed a new 6-year, $22.5 million contract last November that boosted his salary from $2.1 million to $3.5 million and added another $1 million to his assistant salary pool, meaning Iowa State has committed an additional $3.4 million annually over the past 13 months to keeping Campbell in Ames moving forward.

In three seasons at the school, Campbell is 19-18, but that doesn't tell the complete story. His Cyclones have leaped from 9th in the Big 12 in 2016, to tied for fourth in 2017, to third place in 2018. Iowa State is 8-4 this season with an Alamo Bowl appearance against Washington State still to play.

Iowa State's six Big 12 wins this year were its most in the 23-year history of the conference.

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