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Iowa State's practice playlist for Friday practices is "boy bands only"

The addition of music to a practice can add some great energy, so most programs construct their playlist with a little bit of something for everyone, from new and old school hip-hop, to classic rock with some country mixed in, as well as other various workout essentials.

Well at Iowa State, things work a little differently on Friday's. The music playlist on Friday consists of only boy bands like One Direction, N'Sync, and even some Boyz II Men.

That's right. Boy bands only on the playlist.

At one point in the video, Skip (the DFO / practice playlist director) asks Matt Campbell what he thinks about the playlist so far, and Campbell responds "I think it's incredible. There is nothing like boy band Friday."

You'd think that players would be laughing, but the new playlist looks like a nice change for both the coaches and the players and they genuinely enjoy it.

Nice job by the guys down at Iowa State thinking outside of the box and having some fun during camp. I love it.