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Chris Doyle and his Iowa strength staff give incoming freshman 3 pieces of advice

Just a few weeks back, Iowa made Chris Doyle the highest paid strength coach in the country at just shy of $600,000 a year.

Last night, Doyle appeared on BTN's Sports Lite with Mike Hall and dished a few zingers in Hall's direction (I mean, it is a late night show after all), while also providing a peek into the Hawkeye approach in the weight room, most notably with young guys.

"When our freshman come in here, they get three pieces of advice," Doyle starts off by telling Hall.

"Number one is show up on time, number two is listen and learn, and number three is work hard because if they can do those three things, they'll quickly gain the respect of their teammates, and their coaches."

Simple advice, but also words of wisdom that have served the program very well as under Doyle Iowa has become known as a program that develops players as well as anyone in the country, with a great history of walk on success.

Check out the full interview for more of Doyle's personality and his entertaining back and forth with host Mike Hall.