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Iowa's Chris Doyle is the new highest paid strength coach in the a large margin

Chris Doyle has been with Kirk Ferentz at Iowa for all 18 seasons, and is widely regarded as one of the best in the business in the strength world - and now he'll be compensated as such.

Dyle will make a base salary of $595,000 this season, making him the highest paid strength and conditioning coordinator in the country, by a long shot.

Doyle, who made $515,000 last season in base pay and holds the title of director of strength and conditioning, has received a raise of $80,000 "for a one-year period that began on July 1" according to USA Today. 

Earlier this year, Alabama gave Scott Cochran a raise to $525,000, which made him the highest paid man among college football's strength coaches. With the pay bump, Doyle will make $70,000 more than him, and the new salary puts him ahead of what nearly 30 FBS head coaches made last season including Brian Polian at Nevada, Tony Sanchez at UNLV, and Bobby Wilder at ODU.

The raise also puts Doyle on par with what both Hawkeye offensive coordinator Greg Davis and defensive coordinator Phil Parker are scheduled to make this fall.

Read more on Doyle's raise here, courtesy of USA Today.