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Is this the best college football video of 2015?

Colorado has won the FootballScoop Video of the Year contest two yearsrunning, and the Buffs are charging hard toward a third title.

Their latest installment - "Forward" - is the first installment in a new series, and sets the stage for where Colorado enters the 2015 season, gathering quotes from media members, coaches and players.

The quote that sums up the entire 10 minutes, and Colorado's current station in life, comes from junior linebacker Kenneth Olugbode: "People are saying we're so close. We're almost this, we're almost this. We don't want to be almost anything. We want to be that."

The Buffs tell us they spent "an uncountable amount of hours" putting this together, and you can tell. As always, the music and cinematography here are top-notch. Every shot is a Rembrandt. Watch for that alone.

Post-script: Colorado lost its opener, 28-20, at Hawaii on Thursday night in a horrific ending.