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Is this the new trend coming to a stadium near you?

Could your favorite team's next playing surface include glow-in-the-dark elements?

Over the last decade or so, in an effort to brand themselves away from cookie-cutter options, a number of programs have transformed their playing surfaces in football and basketball into something that makes them really stand out.

In football, Boise has had their signature blue turf dating back to 1986, and a few other teams have gotten creative with their colored turf, but there hasn't been much innovation on the playing surfaces to speak of. 

When it comes to basketball courts, FIU's court has some serious beach vibes, Oakland's hardwood resembles asphalt, and there are a host of other great examples around college basketball where you seem to be limited only by your creativity. 

At San Jose State, they just put down a new court that features some really cool looking glow-in-the-dark elements.

In the video the released yesterday, you can see the inspiration from Silicon Valley take shape with the new court. SJSU is said to be the number one source for Silicon Valley of graduates in education, engineering, computer science and business.

I reached out to a few people involved in the world of turf, and it sounds like this could certainly be possible with a few added steps to their process.

So who will be the first to successfully roll this out to a football stadium? It could make for some really cool at night drone footage for sure.