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It's looking like the NFL extra point will look a lot different in 2015


At the NFL's weekly meeting today a healthy discussion, lasting about thirty or forty minutes, took place about extra points. While a vote wasn't taken, changes seem to be on the horizon.

“We did have about a 30- to 40-minute discussion on the extra point, a very interesting and lively discussion with a lot of ideas." competition committee co-chair Rich McKay stated on PFT. "Clearly, positive, in support of making a change. I think in the next 30 days you will see the Competition Committee, in conjunction with a lot of coaches, develop a lot of alternatives and be ready to put something forward for potentially a vote in May.”

The consensus among those at the meeting is that it's finally time for the extra point to become a true football play. Over the last several years, a number of options have been thrown out, ranging from moving the spot of the ball back, to the Colts' suggestion of a bonus kick after a successful two-point conversion, to some rather interesting suggestions from the followers of @FootballScoop.

“I think all teams pretty much said the same thing: It’s time to make this play a football play, and the way to make it a football play is No. 1, allowing the defense to score. So really adopt the college rule that says if you block the kick or you stop a two-point play and the defense happens to get control of the football, they can score two points."

"It was a very good discussion. I think there’s clear sentiment that there’s a movement to want to change and change this year. The charge to us as a Competition Committee was, come back with a recommended proposal, do it within the next 30 days, and give everybody a chance to look at it and vote on it in May.”

The actual suggestions at the meeting were all over the place, but however it shakes out, it looks like the extra point as we know it is in for some changes come the 2015 NFL season, and we should all have a much clearer picture in the next 30 days.