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"It's promising" for the Pac-12

The Pac-12 has been in the hot seat this week after the Big Ten voted to return to play and California Governor Newsom publicly announced he wasn't preventing the Pac 12 from playing this season.

On the Dan Patrick show this morning commissioner Larry Scott talked about the possibility for resuming football this fall.

He said that he is not expecting a decision to resume football to be made at today's meeting with presidents and chancellors, but says that "things are looking a lot more promising..."

Scott told Patrick that the chancellors and presidents are the ultimate decision makers but that he acknowledges that they have "overcome major obstacles" that were at the core of the postponement in mid August.

The earliest possible start would be around Halloween, noting that the rapid COVID tests won't be available to the teams until next week. Scott would not give a definitive decision date but did say "we have to decide by next week if we're moving forward."

A significant obstacle remains obtaining local approval for full team practices by many conference schools including Stanford, Cal, Oregon, Oregon State and others.

Conference coaches reportedly believe they need at least six weeks of practice before their first game, making even the end of October a best case scenario.

Would a late October or early November return all any Pac-12 teams to be considered for the college football playoff? Is that even a consideration at this point?

We, hopefully, will find out more about the conference's plans later today or over the weekend.

As always, stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest.