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Jack Del Rio says you can stuff your analytics in a sack

Football's Great War of Analytics, it seems, are over. The numbers won't take over the game completely, but they shouldn't be ignored completely, either. They're a tool that's best used in moderation.

One of those times moderation should be utilized as an end-of-game situation. I don't care what the numbers say, my school of game management has but one rule: when faced with the opportunity to make one play to win a game or put it out of reach, you try to make that play.

It's why I was so disappointed when Gary Patterson admitted after TCU's loss Saturday night that, rolling on a 20-0 run over Arkansas, he was talked out of going for two to potentially push his lead to 29-20 with two minutes to play. And, on the flip side, why I was so pleased to see Oakland Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio put the numbers to the side and go for two down 34-33 late in New Orleans. It worked as Michael Crabtree won a jump ball and secured a 35-34 win for the silver and black.

"I was thinking we're here to win; let's win it right now," Del Rio said afterward.

Afterward, Del Rio's daughter fired off an, uh, odd praise of the decision.