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The Jaguars and Falcons are in the weirdest Twitter spat ever

The Jaguars are the only NFL team allowed to get sad online.

The Jacksonville Jaguars lost on Sunday, as is their custom these days. It was the club's second loss in as many tries this young season and their 17th consecutive setback dating back to Week 2 of 2020.

Rather than post the final score and move on -- maybe cut up some highlights from their 23-13 loss to the Broncos -- the Jaguars got emotional on us.

No one's saying the club shouldn't be disappointed with the loss, but another thing the Jaguars shouldn't be is surprised. That post invoked the type of energy one might expect after, say, Ohio State lost to Oregon last week, or if a 5-term Senator lost his re-election bid. 

Anyway, the post came and went, and Twitter moved on, until the Falcons -- themselves losers of seven straight -- saw the Jags' post and wanted in on the action.

The Jaguars saw the Falcons' effort and became weirdly territorial over the "somber graphic after expected loss" genre of tweet.

Again, the Falcons and Jags are 0-2, not 0-12.