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Jalen Ramsey to Jimbo Fisher: Don't use me in your recruiting materials

There are many pitches that college coaches use to sway recruits their way. "Look how many players I've put in the League," is probably the most common among those accomplished enough to make such a claim, and for obvious reasons. Who doesn't want to play professional football?

Actually, scratch that. Perhaps the greatest hit of all the common recruiting pitches is, "Look how much money my former players are making in the League." Again, who doesn't want to get paid millions to play college football?

In his efforts to build his 2019 recruiting class, Jimbo Fisher has commissioned a graphic showcasing how much his former players are making in the league.

Texas A&M has already secured pledges from two of the top six safeties and the No. 18 cornerback in the 2019 class according to 247Sports, and they're not done yet. And the Aggies are telling all possible future Aggies that they can come play for Jimbo, ball out and get money. Pretty standard stuff. But one of Fisher's former star pupils isn't having it.

That's Jalen Ramsey, perhaps the best defensive back in the game right now. The first true freshman to start Day One at cornerback for Florida State since Deion Sanders, Ramsey brought Heisman Trophy winner Charlie Ward's No. 17 out of retirement and immediately helped the 'Noles win the 2013 national championship.

He was a First Team All-American in 2015, was the No. 5 pick in the 2016 NFL draft, and was named a First Team All-Pro performer in 2017. You can make an argument Ramsey is the best player Fisher has ever coached.

And he's not joking here, either.

Though Brewster answered the tweet, the graphic remains up unedited as of press time.