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James Franklin explains why huge recruiting weekends can be an "organizational nightmare"

This weekend, College GameDay is in Happy Valley for Penn State's clash with Michigan, and as most programs do when presented with such a big opportunity, James Franklin and his staff have invited a large number of prospects to the game.

Just how many? Let's just say well over 100.

Franklin shared with media after practice yesterday that huge recruiting weekends are an "organizational nightmare."

"How do you make sure all these kids that come have a good experience?" Franklin asked. "Here's the other deal...if you come and you don't have the manpower to show them the attention, then it can backfire on you."

"I think that's where a lot of people don't understand football and staff sizes. That is why you have the numbers that you have. Because when you're going to sign a class with 25 guys in a class, just using that as an example, you've got to recruit - as a starting point - maybe 250 kids to get to that 25. So how do you manage ll of that while we're at the game?"

"Who's making sure that the kid that got stuck in traffic that shows up late that can't get into the game, and is managing that issue, or don't know where to park. It's a nightmare."

"That's where you see these staff sizes. It's to manage all of that, and it is a challenge."

Hear more from Franklin in the clip.