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Video: James Franklin explains how his staff grades film


Like most staff's around the country, Penn State hands out grades for their players after every game. Yesterday during his post practice update, he shed a little light on their process as a staff, and how they go about grading their guys.

"On Sunday, everyone should have the film graded on their own. Then we come in and I watch it with the defense at 10am, then I watch it with the offense at 11am and then we watch special teams at 12:30. So what happens most of the time, is that your grades are pretty much done, but just like anything, once you watch it a second time, you might find some other things."

"A '0' for us is you didn't get the job done and we can't win with what you did on that play. A '1' is you got the job done, but we would have liked for your technique, or your execution, to have been a little better. Then a '2' means that this is a clinic tape, meaning this is exactly how I want it done...I could show this to a younger player, and this is how it is."

"Then we average that, and each coach, depending on the position, and how far you are from the ball affects what would be considered a winning grade." Franklin explained, noting that an offensive guard has a little more leeway on his percentage than a corner on the backside of 15 straight plays because it's much easier to get a "2" from the corner position in that situation.